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Ginger Moxa

Ginger Moxa

What is Ginger Moxa?

Ginger Moxa is a specialty here at East Hawaii Acupuncture.

It was brought over to this country by Dr. Lam Kong, a 10th generation acupuncturist, and is unique to his family in China.

It has only been taught and passed down to students of the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii, here on the Big Island. 


This treatment is specifically for acute or chronic trauma such as broken bones, sprains, bruises, muscle strain or tension, arthritis, menstrual pain and abdominal pain.


Ginger moxa works by moving stagnated blood and qi, reducing inflammation and thus promoting healing.


A paste is made from numerous trauma herbs specifically selected for their beneficial properties. They are soaked in oil for at least 6 months. The mixture is heated slowly to further process the oil. After several hours, the spent herbs are strained away, and bees wax is added to harden the oil into a paste, or a salve.


A small amount of paste is pressed into a cotton ball that acts as a wick placed atop a fresh slice of warm ginger. Paste is applied to the affected area of the body – in the case of this picture, onto the back. The wick is fastened upon the ginger, lit and then the whole apparatus is used to massage the paste into the site of injury.


This treatment works on two levels. One, it feels wonderful! The heat from the ginger helps to soothe and relax muscles. Two, the heat acts to open up pores in the skin, allowing the medicinal properties of the herbs to penetrate into the body.


Ginger moxa is a amazing treatment not only for it’s far reaching therapeutic properties, but for the marvelous way it makes you feel.


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